Management Reports Account

What does my DBS Business Account show?

Our Management Reporting system gives you an overview of all of your DBS applications currently in progress, and every application previously processed with us. It contains the following for each applicant:

  • The DBS application number.
  • When your applicant started and finished their DBS application.
  • When the DBS application was ID checked by your company.
  • When APCS processed the application and when it was disclosed.
  • The DBS certificate number and issue date.

There is also a DBS tracking facility built in, and all the information can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet.

How do I log into my DBS Business Account?

If you haven’t already, follow our link below to create a Management Reporting Account, you just need your ID Checker Number, (this is the access code provided to you from APCS) and your email address. You can also log into your Account here.


‘I have found your staff particularly helpful when I have been unsure as to whether a person qualifies for a DBS check. The speed of service is amazing!’

‘Easy set up and explanation, has worked well for us over the last 2 years and will continue using for this coming year and beyond hopefully. Telephone enquiries dealt with quickly and well-informed staff able to assist with all queries we have had’

‘We began using APCS in 2015 and I have built up a good relationship with the APCS staff, in particular Sam and Christine.  I find everyone very helpful.  Thank you!’

‘Staff are always helpful and quick to respond to queries and resolve them. I would highly recommend your company on the basis of my dealings with you since our Diocese moved to an online system’

‘I think that you are a great company providing a great service. The online forms are really easy to complete and the price is great considering we are volunteers’

‘Very pleased that a member of staff contacted me to make sure I had ticked the correct boxes for a particular application. Most grateful!’

‘The checks are turned around far quicker than the previous Disclosure Scotland process that was used and using the online system we are able to do the basic clearance checks on personnel without any delay.’

‘We’ve been using APCS for several years for our DBS checks and have always found the service to be very efficient and it’s a lot more user friendly than other checking services that I’ve used in the past. We’ve recently had to apply for DBS for new Trustees and I received a very quick and clear reply to my query as to the type of DBS that was needed’

‘Thanks again for your patience and also great service throughout. Really great and efficient DBS service who I would recommend to other production companies’