[quote align=”center” color=”#222222″]I would say that your service is absolutely excellent, your system is very easy to use, it took us only 1 hour to train up all 6 people who would be using the system and whenever we have had any queries your telephone service has always provided us with excellent customer service.[/quote]

Reading College

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]The service provided by APCS is excellent. CIS were using a provider for a number of years that only processed CRB’s by paper applications it was a slow process and mistakes were made by the applicant therefore delaying the application and submission. We decided to switch to APCS who provide the application process online, it takes about 5 minutes to complete and no mistakes can be made. Therefore the time spent processing for CIS is minimal. The whole process from start to finish takes days and in some cases 24 hours, rather than weeks and months which we were finding with our old provider. I am amazed by your service as is our senior management team, and I would definitely recommend APCS to anyone who wishes a stress free service. My time spent on the application is now minimal, whereas before I was spending at least two days of the week on processing and collating applications. The staff at APCS are always at hand should you have any questions and are always helpful, however saying that since using them I have only had to contact them on two occasions.[/quote]

CIS Security

[quote align=”center” color=”#222222″]The service provided by APCS is excellent. Disclosures arrive extremely quickly and any problems are swiftly corrected. There is always someone able to assist me if I have any questions and the management reporting system proves extremely useful for tracking Disclosures. The online application process itself is easy to complete for both staff at Simply Education and the supply teachers we use alike.[/quote]

Simply Education Ltd


[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]We rate the Online CRB process very highly, it solves a lot of the problems of the paper CRB system, we get very few forms through with mistakes, and we receive the majority of our CRBs very promptly, much more promptly than the paper system. Our staff have had very few problems with the forms, they are simpler to fill in than the paper form. The staff were apprehensive at first about the online system, but I have had very few requests for clarification and we have processed over 150 CRB’s so far.[/quote]

Foster Care Associates


[quote align=”center” color=”#222222″]When you first approached us I was a little concerned about how quickly you said you could turn an application around, but I am happy to say that I have been asked by my staff to tell you how pleased they are with your service. Previously we were waiting for a couple of weeks before we had our CRB checks back and how I am told that this has been reduced to a few days helping to get new staff out much quicker.[/quote]

Bluebird Care Wirral

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Since using APCS we have found the online system cuts down on errors when completing applications. The online system also offers the facility of being able to check the progress of applications. APCS are very reliable and efficient. DBS clearances are returned within approximately one week. We have been very impressed with the level of service we have received.[/quote]

Townfield Primary School

[quote align=”center” color=”#222222″]We have been delighted with the services of APCS – who we started working with in 2012.  The system is extremely straightforward, and on the few occasions when we’ve had any issues and called you then the assistance has been immediate. On several occasions we have received DBS documentation back so quickly it has enabled us to take on clients sooner because the Care Givers have been cleared to work so swiftly. We have recommended your services to other HISC franchises in passing, but would be quite happy for you to use the contents of this e-mail as testament to the quality of your cost efficient services.[/quote]

Home Instead – Guildford & Woking

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]We are very happy with your service.  I find the online system is easy to follow and the paperwork required is very clear.  The steps to follow are easy and if you miss something or make a mistake, it will highlight in red so that you cannot miss anything for the DBS checks. The response back is timely and I like that you can log onto the system and keep up to date and check the status of the DBS request. Invoices are sent rather than pay as you go which I prefer. I have already given your details to another Home Instead as they are just setting up and asked me if I could recommend a good system for their DBS checks.[/quote]

Home Instead – Luton & Central Bedfordshire 

[quote align=”center” color=”#222222″]Your service has been faultless, I find that I can ring with any queries and always get help. Also, the lists of caregivers who are due renewal is helpful as I can check this against our own list.  Thanks for your help.[/quote]

Home Instead – Liverpool

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]I have always found your team extremely helpful, responsive & polite.I am assured that if I have any queries, which I have done lately, they will respond swiftly with minimal or no being passed to various departments etc. We just wish we had moved with yourselves earlier, we were paying more money for a much lower quality of service.[/quote]

Home Instead – West Lancashire & Chorley

[quote align=”center” color=”#222222″]I find your company easy to work with and I’m really pleased . I have submitted 5 applicants already over the weekend (06/09/2014) with no hustle and I’m glad  to work with APCS for our CRB checks.[/quote]

Goodwill Hope LTD


[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]We have received feedback from those taking part in the trial of your services for on line DBS checks and I am pleased to say they have all been positive. In light of the speed DBS checks seem to be turned around in and the positive feedback regarding the system and customer services, we have had decided to roll out the system to be used in all our homes.[/quote]

Avery Health Care