Is the Corona Virus impacting the DBS turnaround times?

At time of writing, (20th March) the DBS have not informed us of any delays in checks due to the corona virus, instead we have seen that the DBS checks are coming back at normal time frames.  There are still back logs with some police forces, but this factor hasn’t changed in the last few months.


How do I ID check employees during a time of social distancing?

The DBS have made temporary changes to the DBS check ID guidelines to try to limit physical contact between employers and potential employees. Please see their updated guidelines here:


How can I employ my staff faster while waiting for their DBS checks?

If your staff carry out regulated activity with vulnerable adults (they are eligible for the adult barred list check), you can request ISA checks on your staff to get them working while they wait for their full DBS check to come back. Please see our website here: for more information about ISA first requests.

If your staff carry out regulated activity with children, you can request a children’s barred list check while their DBS check is in process.  Please see our website here: for more information about childrens barred list requests.


What are APCS doing in regards to prepare for Corona Virus?

You can read our statement regarding the virus here: .

In light of these challenging times, APCS have decided to transition to working from home, and are grateful to our IT teams for enabling us to do this.

We will continue to:

  • Respond to all our customer and applicant enquiries.
  • Submit your DBS checks, credit checks, children’s barred list checks, overseas checks and more.
  • Take payments and carry out invoicing

If you need to contact us regarding any issues, you can still call us as normal on 0151 638 6158, or email us at

Take care everyone and look after each other.