ID Cards

APCS offer employers (and individuals) the option to have Photo ID cards that confirm that they have had a disclosure carried out.

Front of Card


Reverse of Card


The Card is supplied with a plastic holder and a lanyard.

Security Features
All cards come with guilloche (fine line design). The complex design is extremely difficult to originate and print. It has an APCS reflective foil for added security against copying. The photos are processed and printed and become an integral part of the card. They are encapsulated under a top laminate which also has a unique design, making for a highly secure, durable and tamper proof Photo ID Card.

Verification Service as standard
If a customer or employer would like to check your credentials, they can simply phone our number on the back of the card.

We cross reference the details held on our database against those on the Photo ID Card and confirm that they are indeed fully registered or otherwise.

The price is £12.50 (not including VAT). The ID card can be requested during any point of the application process. A passport style photograph will need to be emailed to, quoting the applicant’s name and date of birth.