The DBS launched single certificates on 17th June 2013.

Previously, two copies of disclosures were sent out by the DBS, a paper copy to the applicant, and (if clear) an electronic copy to APCS.  We sent the electronic copy to the employer. If the disclosure was not clear, we received a paper copy which we posted on to the employer.

The Freedom of Information Act 2012 now states that only the applicant should receive disclosure certificates, so that he/she has the opportunity to challenge any information before anybody else sees it. So the new procedure is:

Clear Disclosures – the DBS post a paper copy to the applicant and send an electronic copy to APCS, which is sent on to the employer. The electronic copy will contain the same information as was supplied previously.

Not Clear Disclosures – the DBS post a paper copy to the applicant and an electronic copy to APCS. The electronic copy will contain some of the same information as was supplied previously (applicant’s name, date of birth, disclosure number, issue date etc.), but it will not contain any criminal information. Instead, it will have the statement ‘Please wait to view applicant’s certificate’. This is so you will know that there is something on the disclosure and will need to wait until the applicant shows you their copy before you can make a recruitment decision.

Note – you will receive this message at the same time that the applicant’s copy goes for printing at the DBS so the applicant will not receive their copy until a couple of days after you get your notification.

Important information about paper application forms!

If you or any of your colleagues use paper application forms for standard or enhanced applications you should consider changing to online applications. This is because employers using paper applications will not receive any notification of when the application has been disclosed. They must rely on the applicants showing them the disclosures when they are received from the DBS.