The Update Service

The DBS introduced the Update Service on Monday 17th June 2013. The service is provided by the DBS and applicants can register their disclosure within 14 days of the disclosure issue date. Once registered, they can take the disclosure to any other employer and using information from the applicant the employer can check that the disclosure is still valid (e.g. no other information has come to light since the disclosure was issued).

To enable individuals to reuse their DBS certificates in the Update Service, there is now an additional field on the application form called the workforce. The workforce MUST be completed, as this is what allows the completed disclosure to become portable between other jobs. The new employer must be within the same workforce that the disclosure was issued for, for example children or adults.

There is a £13 per annum registration fee to the applicant, which must be paid by card on the DBS website. Only the applicant can apply to be registered. There is not charge to the employer for checking that a disclosure is still valid. There is no charge to the applicant if the disclosure was for an unpaid volunteer post.

The Update Service is provided solely by the DBS to the applicant. There is no involvement of the employer or the Umbrella Body (APCS).

The only benefit to the current employer is that they can recheck a disclosure after a period of time, at no charge. Also, if a new applicant brings an existing disclosure which has been registered, the new employer can check whether it is still valid at no charge.

Please see the employers and/or the applicant’s guide below for more information.

Applicants Guide:

Employers Guide:

 Please note the Update Service is only applicable to enhanced disclosures.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to choose whether or not he/she wants to register a disclosure for future use. Only the applicant can pay for and receive their registration number. Payment must be by credit or debit card online. The current employer and the Umbrella Body are not involved in this process.

The only benefit to the current employer is that the disclosure can be re-checked at regular intervals to see if it is still valid (with the applicant’s permission).

If an applicant brings a registered disclosure to a new employer, the benefit is that the new employer can check online whether a disclosure is still valid at no cost and no delay.

Your Options

If you decide the benefits are too small then you do not have to act. The DBs letter enclosed with the applicant’s disclosure certificate will inform the applicant of the option to register. It is then up to the applicant whether they do this, at their own cost.

If you decide the opportunity to recheck the disclosure at regular intervals in the future is worthwhile, then tell the applicant about the update service and discuss how the fee will be paid. Remember, it’s the applicant’s choice to do so and the applicant must pay by card on the DBS website.