Single Central Record

Access Personal Checking Services (APCS) are the one stop solution to giving you complete peace of mind when recruiting staff for your business or organisation.

Building from the success of our current security checks, we are proud to introduce our sister company Single Central Record , a service especially for schools and educational organisations!


What benefits do Online Single Central Record offer?

Bespoke online SCR

Import your current single central record into our bespoke online portal. Our system clearly displays all records for every staff member to highlight areas that need addressing.

Stay notified

Built in reminder system to keep you up to date with your records. Flags up all required or expiring checks whilst providing updates on those in progress. Our daily and/or weekly email reminders ensure you keep on top.

Order checks effortlessly

Easily order all your DBS and additional checks for all staff members with just a few clicks. The check results are automatically populated back into the portal once completed.

24/7 auditing

Our system includes 24/7 auditing, highlighting all areas of your single central record that need attention to ensure you stay ISI and Ofsted compliant.

Fully customisable

Our system covers all staff and school types. Checks and reminders can be tailored to your school’s safeguarding practices and renewal periods. Effortlessly export your data in either Ofsted or ISI format.

Ongoing support

Free telephone and remote support from our education experts to provide guidance and assistance whenever you need it.

Transfer your MIS data for FREE!

Step 1

Simply use current or insert new staff data into your existing MIS

Step 2

At a click of a button Groupcall takes your data securely, it then automatically feeds the information into your single central record

Step 3

Your data is now safely integrated and ready to view